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How Does SEO Work?

This post is the first in a series that takes a deep dive into the work of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The goal of the series is to answer the question: How Does SEO Work? We’ll look at SEO Rank Tracking, Basic SEO, Advanced SEO Elements, How to Get More Organic Traffic, and more.

SEO Rank Tracking

In order to know if what you’re doing is working, you first have to have some sort of measure. You can’t just say “I want to get more organic traffic to my site.” If you don’t know how many people are visiting your site now, you won’t know if you’ve achieved “more.”

When it comes to analyzing good and helpful content, there’s a lot to look at. You could look into bounce ratespageviews, average time on page, % exit, etc. But, as we covered in our last blog post, there are a plethora of things to look at when starting SEO. Each of those things goes past the focus of this article, so we’ll stop there and you can read more in our next post.

Why Does It Matter Where My Site Ranks?

You don’t have to know where your site ranks to reap the benefits of a first page or top listing. But if your site ranks first for a specific keyword, you’ll know it. The first result in the search result pages gets 44.64% of the clicks. This means if you are a plumber in Miami, FL, the top spot is theoretically getting 715 clicks (1,600 * .4464) just from being in the number one spot.

Why in the world would you not want that!? This is why we make such a big deal out of getting to the top of the SERPs. Rank tracking helps you understand what things you do that help get you there.

How do I use SEO Rank Tracking?

Well, to start, there are a few ways you can do this. There’s always the manual way: using a tool like This site utilizes Google’s AdWords browsing capabilities to show you where you’re ranking at a particular moment. A manual process is probably the most Google-friendly way. However, it’s also the most time consuming because you have to find your site in the SERPs.

You can also use something like our Rankings Tool to enter your domain name, the keywords you want to rank for, and the locations you want to check. These automated tools make it much easier to not only see where your site ranks, but also to see the history of where your website rankings have been in the past.

Ready to get started with tracking your site’s rankings? Sign up for our SEO Rankings Tracking tool today.

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