Frequently Asked Questions on WordPress SEO

Here are a few of our most FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions on WordPress SEO). If you have any more questions, just get in touch so we can start the countdown to getting your site ranked!

What does it mean for my site to be ranked?
We consider a site ranked when it is within the top three rankings on the first page of Google locally. The price must go up then because the real work starts then.
How quickly will you get started?
The day you sign up, we get started. Yes, yes, even on the weekends. We know how hard the SEO game is so we don’t waste any time.
How long does it take for my site to get ranked?
That’s a harder question to answer. Unfortunately, because there are so many factors when it comes to ranking a site, the area covered (local/national/global), competition, on-page optimization to be done, etc, we can’t say when your site will be ranked for sure. However, what we can say is you will have a measurable increase in rankings within the first 30-60 days.
Am I required to sign a contract?
Negative, Ghostrider. We don’t believe you should be tied to a contract so we don’t make you sign one like most other SEO firms. If at any time, you aren’t happy with the service we’re providing, you can cancel your plan.
Do you offer refunds?
If you don’t see a measurable increase in your site’s rank after 60 days and you let us know you’re not happy, we’ll refund anything you’ve paid so far or continue working for two months, free – your choice.
Who do I contact if I'm not happy?
Send a quick email to hello@wpranked.com and let us know what we can do to make things right.
How do I sign up?
Easy peasy. Just go to our Get Started page and fill out the form. Make sure you fill in the correct industry and population for your main location so your plan investment is calculated properly.

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